Monday, November 1, 2010

Writing Piece #1

English 236 course brief: "Man is his desire". Write a two page short story that exposes a character that wants something more than anything but he is thwarted from it.

Creative Brief: two women are stuck in an elevator. its hot and they want to go out she s a psychologist and wants to go out of her mind. The other is a lesbian and finds the psychologist attractive. Both of them want to go out of the elevator. The readers are not told that it's in an elevator.

Short story #1


Five Floors

It's so fucking hot and this girl can't stop talking. I was glad we still had that light bulb still on, but now i want it to go off. Maybe she'll shut up! Actually, I'm glad she's talking, we would have gone mad if we both just stood here. I think its natural that awkwardness ended or maybe she's just really charismatic. After all, she is an attractive woman, I don't know why she didn't end up doing fashion or modeling. She could have been a good actress too, she has the brains. "Amanda Massoud, a superstar," it even sounds good. Fuck. Why can't I just get out of here!

"Do you think other people get stuck here too?" she asked me through her blond hair.

"I don't know, but it's really getting hot. Did you get any signal?"

"There is no signal here. I'm going to take my clothes off. Do you mind?"

I didn't expect that to come from her. We've been stuck here for a long long time. It's really fucking hot! I wouldn't blame her.

"No, I think I'll do it too."

We both took off our heals first. Then she took off her shirt and I followed her lead. She actually does have a very attractive body. We sat on the floor. I shouldn't have worn a thong today. The floor is dirty and I felt those little dusty things cling to my butt like sand on the beach. I felt better that she was wearing a thong too. What bra is she wearing?

"Is that La Senza?"

That was too blunt. Whatever, she's been talking about her problems and her patients problems for three hours, we're close now. She laughed in that cute blond way. They're from H&M. She is sweating a lot, I feel really hot but I'm not sweating as much as she is. Her chest is wet and it's sparkling. Her arms too. They're really bronze now.

October 27, 2:45pm, Rima D., 45.
"I feel disappointed and sad all the time. I can feel something important is going to happen to me but nothing is. I just can't wait anymore... Maybe I'm a failure... Maybe I'll die alone with nothing. Do you think that too doctor?"
Note: patient cried for 15 minutes. patient shows signs of depression. Advise with Xanax.

November 2, 10:15am, George S., 37.
"He used to give me this toy soldier every time he came back. He told me to hold on to it because it's important. And then once I never saw him again... I miss him so much, I still have those toy soldiers... All I have is these toy soldiers."
Note: patient had a toy soldier in his closed fist. Patient didn't release his fist. Observe anger patterns.

December 28, 11:15am, Maya R., 9.
"Momi and Daddy told me it's wrong but I like it. Sometimes I walk out in the hallway and it feels cool then in the house it feels warm. I like also when the neighbor looks at me and smiles, but then momi yells at tells me to put my clothes on."
Note: patient took off her shoes during the session. Possible sexual assault at younger age. Advise parents.
Four hours they waited and all she could think about were her patients, and their never ending problems. What about her problems? What about this problem now? She can't believe she is stuck here, alone with Reem. Her schedule was packed today, she couldn't even have here usual Caesar salad because Imad J. just cheated on his wife again and he wanted to talk about it urgently.

As a psychologist, she recognizes that she is uncomfortable and anxious. She recognizes that her body is poring with sweat because her mind is agitated but her body is idle and wet. The cabin is small and dime. The marble floor is dirty and cold. She looks up and sees Reem looking at her through the mirrored ceiling.

"Are you married or anything?" asks Reem while her eyes are fixed and her jaw slightly open.
"No, I never really liked men that much... Couldn't find anything special." Responded Amanda with an uncomfortable smile.

Reem's face lights up and she smiles. She lowers her head to see Amanda directly. The psychologist keeps her head up while Reem admires her smooth neck, long and stretched. She stands up and sits next to her, her cold skin slightly touching hers.

She looks up to meet her eyes in the mirror. Why isn't she saying anything? Will she be like the rest of them and ignore her until it's five o'clock when the maintenance guy turns the everything on?

Amanda turns her head and looks into Reem's need of affection and empathy. She sees Sam M., Aline K., Nada A. and all of the rest looking through her kind eyes, strongly moving her to tears. She closes her eyes and tries to take in all of their pain so that she can be freed, but they do not give in.
Reem is surprised by Amanda's crying. She grabs her head and brings her lips to hers. But Amanda pushes her away and explodes into tears. She screams and hits the door with all of her might, but she knows no one can hear her.

She cries and screams. It's already 5:30 and Amanda's tears do not stop.

--- end ---

November 1st. Sherif maktabi

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