Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tonight, Geeks United. Damn.

  • Samer Karam, founder of Sequence, will be going from Beirut to China in 2012 in 2 Jeeps and 2 Bikes. He will take Marco Polo's tradition and make it high-tech. Samer and his team will travel to China by hardcore blogging their way through the tundra!
  • @JimRamK spoke about our AUB Online Collaborative and how we will be having the Blogger's online convention soon. 
  • The lovely Naeema spoke about YallaStartup Weekend and how we will rock and battle against othe Startup Weekends.
OH! And by the way, there is this new thing called Rifflex. It's the future, and it's made by the Lebanese Brilliant, Abdallah Absi. Just saying.

  • Shankabout spoke about shankabout and how they're shankabouting all over the place. 
  • A guy from told me to go on
  • Antoine Online said it's cool to be a geek.
  • Lynn el Bizry introduced us to the wonderful world of photography and that there is a club that meets every Tuesday to take photos and experiment in photography.
  • LE Gustave, a french bakery that will conquer every mankouche joint in Lebanon.
  • Octavia Nasr thanked all of her fans. She googled "How to give a speach to Geeks".
  • East Marketing spoke about their success, almaza, doritos and videos being dragged in 3D space. They said something about something, I forgot what it was called.
  • A girl spoke about where you take pictures of ashrafiyeh and then you might win a 8,000$ camera.
I also smoked 3 cigarettes and met the guy who gives alcohol to most night clubs in Mono. He said he's going to get me a box of Ras el 3abed tomorrow and we can discuss Six Degrees.
I am now purchasing Will let you know what that is soon. Real soon.

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