Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today, LBC came over

She told me they'll be here at eleven in the morning, but they got to my house at one in the afternoon. With all of their cameras, lights and mics, they ubiquitously set up camp and took over. They knew which TV to plug my computer in and which chair I should sit on. The goal was to explain the crowdmap I set up for Kalam el Nas which I hope, will be of great help for Lebanon.

(A crowdmap is a web-based map that visualizes people's reports and testimonies. I will telling you more about this later)

You sweat a lot when you are under the spot lights. And I got late to my class. Ms. Khishin called me and I told her to forgive me and she did. Ms. Rima Khishin is IC's elective co-ordinator and teacher and mentor and inspiration, among other things. My student's homework was to put a video on YouTube. Half of them did. Half didn't. So I decided to explain why I gave them that homework.

Rory spoke and they listened.

The moral of that talk was: small things are what counts and they are the ones that sometimes have the biggest impact. When they put a youtube video, they are contributing to the collective knowledge of the global community with small donations. And that doing good will bring to them good: google ads, fame, positive image, etc.

I hope I can sweat the small stuff.

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