Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sex Column #2

The Pill Behind the Magic

Hello women!
It's a pill, a magic pill, that protects you from having children. Well, it's not that easy. Birth control pills are hormonal doses of one or two types of magic hormones that stop you from being fertile. It's all thanks to my hormones friends: estrogen and progestin, they'll make sure you're special place is secure.

Things are hard. It was only till the 1960s that the US approved the pill and made it real. It was the first time that women were given the chance to control their fertility and still have sex. Birth control pills not only gave new powers to women but they help in so many other ways. Birth control pills regulates and decreases the heaviness of the period. So if you are suffering from those incredibly painful ones, taking BC pills will make your period more survivable. Nor only that but they also decrease acne when you keep up with the treatment, and decrease the symptoms of endomitriosis and other evil things.

Did someone say cancer? Taking Birth control pills for a period of five years decreases your chances of having ovarian cancer by 50%. I never heard of a condom do that. Now everything comes at a price. If you want to enjoy the benefit of the magic pills, you must take it everyday, at the same time. If you miss two pills or so, your protection goes down by around 18%.

Libido is important. The pills increase libido for some and decrease it for others. A birth control pill user told me that she felt an increase in: Nausea, dizziness, sleepiness, moodiness, lightheadedness. Yet none of these are major side-effects. Only the minority of users get side effects, and their boobs might get bigger too.

Birth control pills are not about sex, it's about health. They make people's lives better and healthier. However, that's not the case for the rest of us on this planet. Recent spikes in estrogen are making things really bad for some fish. They too are becoming infertile because of the estrogen that trickles down to them... And guess where that came from.

PS: if you smoke while you are on the pill, you might get a stroke.


  1. that last paragraph about the fish is the best part! everything we do affects someone else. when i used to take away fries from BK, i always asked them to exclude the ketchup. the answer i always get is: throw them away. the answer i always give back is, thank you i don't want to order anymore.

    just like estrogen, the plastic from the ketchup ends up being ingested by the fish, and killing them. by the hoards.

    so if i'm really a vegan, i have to stop using non-recyclable plastics. plastic kills.

  2. If blogger had a like button, I would have liked your comment right there