Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today, Dad Agrees

All opportunities are equal, but some opportunities are more equal than others. Like animals. Every year, we migrate to Saudi Arabia to renew our "residency". After today we will no longer do that. My dad and I achieved this, one-of-a-kind, agreement during lunch where we debated beautifully. I do not want to insult Arab culture. No, not at all. In fact, we then went to the Arabicity exhibition and was blown away by the creatives that are Arabs. From swings representing 350 ideas of dream to casts of bronze silver dreams into traditional arab designs and dreamy people vacuuming the mind set of Arab culture, all made me want to kiss the head of every turban wearing, hijab loving, ferrari driving man and women that haven't succumbed to total globalization. I love you all. Except Benladen, fuck you.

Last Night, I was a Prince

It's amazing. They had three floors and a rooftop and their party was full. So full actually that lusciously dressed up people were poring out faster than they were spilling in, and it was STILL full. So we went to Behind the green Door and I discovered that foreigners have interest in Arab things. Ali wanted to go to Milk and so we did. It was full. Full of Milk let's say. The only female was the Ukrainian lady that told me "I still want ten 'doolars' from you". I was a bad prince, forgot my Ferrari and stack. I also discovered that milk people are very, very interested in Arab things too, but they are smart. A normal person would get rejected, and they'll try again, and again. Milk people try, get rejected and move on. Very smart milk people. Very smart indeed. And thanks for letting me dance on a table.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Today, I met with Marcel Ghanem

I skipped my statistics class because I had to drop off my sister. The cab didn't make it and she was late. I took her lateness and substituted it with my own. Today was the first day I take notes on my ipad and not on paper. I saved paper today. It took me an hour to get out of my house and onto the freeway, then fifteen minutes to get to LBC Adma. I had a meeting with the Kalam el Nas' team and we spoke out the upcoming episode and about how I can help them. Then I went to Dina's place and I had dinner with her. We fought. We fought because 150 women attacked 3 men in Dahye the other day. She tells me that she has the right to hit me. I tell her that if its the case, then I have the right to do that too.

I guess I don't. We're still fighting. I don't even want to hit girls. Even if they are stronger than me. But hey, sometimes you believe in things that are self evident because they are self-evident... like human rights... are they really self-evident? Like God you mean?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today, I made a blog

SR, my web design company got it's first pay check. My partner started his own blog. I had a meeting with the Entrepreneurship Club sub-committee and we organized what we are going to do to rock AUB. I sent an open letter to an amazing guy called Samer Karam. He will be speaking at our lecture. I got jealous of my business partner and started my own blog. This one actually.

In Turkey, people are born with email accounts. My baby will have a blog. Like this one. But better. Don't you think?