Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lebanese Entrepreneurs Know How to Party

November 27, 2010 - Karaj Beirut witnessed Lebanon's first dedicated party for entrepreneurs. The occasion? Global Entrepreneurship Week's closing event. Dubbed the Small Wins and Ecosystem Party, it called for all entrepreneurs and those who are active in the entrepreneurship community to meet up, mingle and tell everyone what they have been up to.

Managed and launched by Seeqnce's Samer Karam, the event was able to bring together around two hundred attendees from every corner of the Lebanese creative world. People from all walks of life - freelancers, CEOs, creative directors, university students, design gurus, programers, entrepreneurs, Non-Profit program managers, etc. - were, for the first time, in a non-proffesional atmosphere: a party.

Beer, wine, whiskey

food and good music are perfect ingredients for any party. But when you add entrepreneurs to the mix, it's different. Networking and meeting new people was suddenly natural and ubiquitous. People were pitching their ideas left and right. Entrepreneurs stood on packs of red bull to speak and both, men and women, shared the same passion in exchanging business cards.

Small wins not so small

Among the ten speakers who got the opportunity to speak for 30 seconds are Samer Nakfour from Nodio, Mackram Raydan from Cuevox and Fadi Bizri from Iltaqi. I also spoke about the TEDxBeirut that I'm helping in organizing and will happen sometime in 2011.

What's a party

without dancing to good music? When the clock hit 1:00 am, the dance floor, previously known as Karaj Beirut, was filled. Developers danced with designers and CEOs had dance-offs with freelancers. Well not specifically the case but you get my gist. Somehow, Beirut always gives good people great nights.

The event was such a success, that the organizers have decided to make it a quarterly event. GEW Small Wins Ecosystem Party, definitely a big win

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  1. Thanks Samer/Seeqnce for organizing this party! Great to see the community coming together like this and love the crowd sourcing aspect. Let's keep the momentum going through regular social- and joint networking events!

    Allyson Jerab
    Institute Program Manager,
    Cisco Entrepreneur Institute at AMIDEAST/Lebanon