Friday, November 4, 2011

This Was a Stolen Bike - Interactive Furniture

I eat at the Brick Lane food market every sunday. The market is a public space with no furniture. People usualy sit next to each other on the sidewalk, or eat alone, or standing up.

I want to creat public furniture made from local materials, that forces people ot share a meal, face to face (when a conversation can happen). And I want the furniture to be a bit uncomfortable so that people can give a chance for others to use it too. The seesaw table you see is made out of a local resource.

In this case, a stolen bike.



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interactive Public Furniture is Taking Shape

Last week, the piece of furniture for the food market was on paper. And I was frustrated because it was hard to make decisions on which shape or material to use.

On Sunday night, I was able to finalize the design of a seesaw table made out of a bicycle.

Why seesaw?

Because it makes the table only usable when you have you share your meal with another person.

Why bike?

Brick Lane is lane is known to be the place to steal bikes and buy stolen bikes. So the seesaw is made out of a stolen bike.

Yes, I stole a bike, technically.