Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Christmas, I will grow my beard if you donate a gift

Note: Beard will be white during Christmas

  No-shave November? Why shave December? Tarek and I will grow our beards up until December 24. We are doing this to gather gifts and donations to make this Christmas worth while for many children at our Lebanese Orphanages.

You can help:
1) donate gifts or donations by calling 03/082338.
2) grow your beard and get donations! To participate, call 03/082338.
3) check out the Facebook Event.
What's next?

On Chirstmas day, Tarek and I will color their beards white and go to the orphanage to distribute the gifts.

Merry Christmas!


  1. does my beard count? can i donate and get donations?

  2. how about i join you in distributing gifts, i take pics, print them, and then pay the kids another visit to give them the pics.

    my gift to the kids would be this "reminder" of the unique experience they had with you guys. so that they can always remember that the world is not always black or grey. it could be white, and big :-)

  3. William! That would be amazing! I think it's a great idea if you took the pictures and then visited them again! So do I count you in ?