Sunday, July 24, 2011

Choose Your Co-founder Wisely

Having a work partner or business partner is very good for whatever
you are working on... As long as the partner, is right for you. I
recently learned this while working on projects with a friend of mine.

The idea was great, we were both motivated and committed to making it
happen. But because our relationship was not working, we were not the
best choice to work together. Trust was lost, along with respect. And
demotivation was right there waiting for me when I saw someone else
getting the credit for my work.

Choose your co-founder wisely.

I think the best work partner, is your life partner. Your husband/wife
might be the best person to partner up with when it comes to work. I
heard of this when I was studying entrepreneurship in Melaka, Malaysia
in 2008.

Why am I saying that your spouse is best person to work with? Because
it comes with the assumption that if you have decided to marry this
person, then you are already compatible people. You understand each
other, you respect each other, you share some common dreams and
beliefs. And nothing will come in between you, not even business.

And the cool thing is, you can solve problems in love, not war.

Choosing a business partner is like choosing a wife. Again, choose wisely.

If you followed my words and ended up with a divorce, then I think you
chose the wrong life partner to begin with. Right?


Sherif Maktabi
Twitter: @sherifmango

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