Monday, July 18, 2011

How To Become a Better Copywriter Everyday

Being a copywriter is all about using the right words in the right way
to convince your audience to do something.

"kills bacteria and keeps your skin moisturized. Use Safe Hands
sanitizer. The right choice."

"Hot pizza at your door in 30-min. Order Dominos Pizza. Worlds number
one pizza."

"buy 2 washing machines and get a free trip to china! Khoury Home,
satisfying your every need."

You can't know if yo are a good or bad copywriter easily. Because you
have to wait till you see if sales for washing machines, pizzas and
hand sanitizers went up after your copy was published.

Now you can change that, and become a better copywriter everyday.

Since twitter let's you publish 140 character messages including
links, it's a great way to train as a copywriter. Because if you write
good convincing copy, then people will click on your link and
sacrifice their time to check out what you shared.

How to become a better copywriter everyday?

1) Get a twitter account,
2) get a bitly account on
3) share shortened bitly links with your copy.
4) study your real time stats on bitly

When you get the stats from bitly, you can get to know what kind of
copy works and what doesn't. This way, everyday, you can fine tune
your copywriting skills.

Why twitter? Since twitter let's you only share 140 characters, it
let's you think really hard of every word you are writing. And that's
a good thing.

If you are a copywriter, get a twitter account and start. Twitter is
your playground.

Sherif Maktabi

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