Sunday, August 7, 2011

A University Course That Teaches You EVERYTHING

I dream of an education that develops you, as a person, as a whole person. Because that's not always the case in the universities near you. You don't want to go to university to learn how to solve differential equations. You want to go university to learn valuable skills. So what if there was a course, that teaches you how to learn any skill on your own?

I imagine a course that uses habit forming tasks, game dynamics, inspiring material, passionate teachers... To educate in the best way possible, "how to learn ANYTHING by your own". Because you can. Because we all can, be whoever we want to be.

We have to put enough energy and time to attain the skills we want. Many of us can't do it. Because we give up. I want a course that teaches us how to acquire skills that we need as unique individuals. That's a university I will go to. That's a school I will put my children in. Wouldn't you?

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