Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What my mom thinks of 'What I'm doing now'

I had lunch with my mother and sister the other day and I was telling mom what I'm doing in life. She wasn't happy. And I understand why she isn't happy. Why would she be happy if her son is not getting a higher education.

I can imagine my daughter telling me she doesn't want to go to high school. I can imagine myself panicking while she explains to me that she wants to be a ballerina and there is no point for her to get a baccalaureate diploma. She can directly go to dance school. I can see myself looking into her dream-filled eyes while she describes 'how incredible it is to be doing what she always wanted to do' and 'how happy and complete it will make her'. While I think that 'I lost my child'.

It scares me.

And I'm sure my mother is scared for me too.

But how would I handle the situation? 

Should I come to terms with my daughter's decisions and stay scared or should I convince her to go back to school?

      • She is only 17!
      • She is still young!
      • She is not safe!
      • She is not as mature as me!
      • She doesn't understand what life is!
      • She will not be happy!
      • She will regret it!
      • She is risking her life!
      • She is wasting her future!

And that's what my mom tells me. She said during our conversation that day:

Mom: ...You are wasting your future.

Sherif: What if I got employed at a big company and they payed me $10,000 a month?

M: Without a BA?

S: Yes.

M: Then it means nothing.

S: Why?

M: Because we are in the 21st century and people are asking for Masters! 

S: What if I had 40% of that company and I would be set for life?

M: What kind of company employes people without diplomas?

S: I'm just saying this as a suggestion.

M: This is not a suggestion. Stop this Sherif and go back to university and be a student like everyone. Go back to be the smart child that I was proud of.

It's really tough to be a parent. Imagine how hard it is to get them to school and then keep them in it. A school that is designed before the 21st century. 

Would I put my 21st century children in a industrial aged habit-forming system?

Would I make my ballerina daughter study calculus?

Would I make my ballerina daughter fail biology and tell her she is not enough?

Would I make my ballerina daughter stop dancing because 'Math and Sciences' are more important than 'Arts'?


I think the real question is,

wether it's with or without a college degree: How can we make our children lead a happy life? 

*Mind you: I am accepted at Central Saint Martins and I will be going there in September. My mom still talks to me as if I'm a drop out.

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