Monday, March 21, 2011

Lebanon Would Be Better Project


The Lebanon Would Be Better project is an experiment. It's a canvas where people are asked to write on. The sentence ' Lebanon would be better if I' is stenciled with a line next to it. There is also a cup containing chalk stuck on the wall. The lines are open for anyone to add his or her suggestions and thought. And this is the goal of the project, to see how people see a better Lebanon as individuals.


I invite you to check out the project. It close to Bliss street in Beirut, in front of Books&Pens. And I would love to know if you wrote anything and what you actually wrote too.





The project was inpired by the work of an artist called Candy Chang who built a large chalk board around an old house in New Orleans. Here project was called 'Before I Die' and you can check it you here.

This is something me and my friend Karim Badra, may or may not have done.

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  1. This is a great initiative Sherif.
    I wish there was more room!