Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Guide to Buzzmarketing


Buzzmarketing is a book Roy Riachi gave me a while ago and I finished it last Thursday. The book basically provides arguments and guidelines to use word-of-mouth advertising which is ten times more efficient than TV, billboards and written media. And I'm going to tell you all about the six steps here:

1) Make Buzz: create a story that has to do with your product that is buzz worthy. These topics are: the taboo, the outrageous, the the unusual, the hilarious, the remarkable, the secret. Having one or more of these traits gives your story buzz.

2) Capture Media: let newspapers, tv and radio talk about you. To do this, give the media one of five things. Something unusual. Something controversial. A celebrity story. Something already hot in the news. A week vs. Strong story.

3) Advertise for attention: when you want to advertise for your product, make sure you focus on how much people will actually pay attention to the message you are trying to give.

4) Strategize wisely: out-think your competitors and dont out-spend them. Sometimes, knowing the right thing to do, which might be uncomfortable, can lead to explosive results. Compared to usual methods which bring you usual results.

5) be creative

6) Police your Product: make sure that even after your product becomes a success, it stays worth it. Even if you think you achieved that goal, the quality and worthiness of your product should stay the same.

The book gives more examples that are more convincing but basically this is what it gives in the raw. I think it's a good book but it's outdated. He doesn't talk about viral videos and social media which tipped advertising and marketing on it's back.

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