Friday, March 25, 2011

Lebanon Better Project 2 Days After

The wall is full. It took only two days and all quote spaces are full. Not only that but there are quotes that have been written by more than one person! Someone started with a couple of words and other people completed the sentence!

Check out all the quotes here in the gallery. You can also read the rest at .

Personally, I found something very beautiful about this project. Its not only the amazing quotes that have been written, but the way people view this wall. I just observed the wall for five minutes and almost every person that passed by, stopped to read, and smiled. That made me very happy because it was beautiful.


I think it’s beautiful because those people who posted their thought on the wall made complete strangers, whom they will never meet, stop in their tracks, stop their journey and smile. And for those couple of seconds, that complete strangers is not thinking about his long day, or her job or even the work he has to do. But rather, the complete stranger is smiling.


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