Sunday, February 12, 2012

IKEA Tabs Concept

A table doesn't have to be a flat surface. A table consumes a lot of space in the ever-smaller apartments of the post-crisis era.

And our lives at home still revolve around these tables. They are where we eat, where we play, where we meet... I want a table to be more flexible to simply follow our needs.


This is the skeleton of the IKEA Tabs concept table. It allows you to take advantage of the 3D space that the table consumes.


You can fit it in different types of stackable storage. In this case, translusent boxes.


The boxes fit right in.


And disapear.


You cover the table with multi-function Tabs. Think of the Tabs as Apps for your table. Different tabs have different functions.


When you don't need a Tab, or you just want to switch to use a cutting board Tab, just simply role it and hide it away in the box.



The storage are placed in locations that doesn't bother you.


It's very easy to switch functions with the Tab.


Hide away your letters, your keys, and even store your cutlery.


Slide away your rubish. Simplicity isin't dirty.


Place your large objects in the big box. Hide away your books, computer, bottles.

Your annoying phone can now rest in peace away from sight. Disconnect yourself, and focus on the people you are with.

And simply reach in when you need it.


What about IKEA?

Well, IKEA Tabs Store is a new market. It opens up the possibilities for people to customize their table. Most importantly, this is my idea for an IKEA version of the App Store. People can now come back to IKEA to buy new Tabs. Because Tabs can be board games, cutting mats, table mats, storage boxes, plates storage, puzzles, picture frames, drawers.... etc.

IKEA, if you are reading this, your customer service sucks.

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