Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Art meet Arduino

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You walk into one of London’s 300 museums. And you are presented with art work. It might be paintings, sculptures, ceramics. Art is a flexible medium. A reaction is expected. Art in essence makes you think. It makes you question. It stimulates you to discover.

I believe Art is a medium that artists use to convey their ideas and concerns to the world. Political. Economic. Social. Conceptual. Sexual. Etc.

Art is not as stimulating as it once was. I think so because we live in humanity’s most stimulating period of all time. We are stimulated by TV, the internet, advertisements, SMS, Apps, phone calls, emails... And I believe to some extent, the brute power, the deep emotional stimulus of Art, has faded. Paintings don't have such an impact on the new generations anymore.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Art can rise up to the challenge. That is, when Art is not made in the sake of art. Artists can take advantage of the tools we have today. And more effectively stimulate their audience, in a highly creative way.

Arduino is an open source electronics platform that makes all of this easier. It’s a piece of hardware that you can apply to make your ideas come true. It allows artists to take advantage of sensors, cameras, computers, screens, projectors, LEDs, speakers… To stimulate their audience with feel, sight, sense and sound.


Art, meet Arduino.

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