Monday, February 20, 2012

How people are ruinning my project and why I appreciate it


A small group of people damaged the Lebanon Would Be Better If wall. This time, I won't be able to save it. And I appreciate it.

To remove the bad, you'll remove the good. That's why the black mark will always be here. And will not allow anyone to write on 1/5 of the wall. Actualy, removing the black mark they made will earase the wall. Since the wall and the mark are made from the same paint.

A small group of people threw black paint on the Lebanon Would Be Better If wall on bliss street on Friday 17th of February 2012. This already happened before here. And I was able to save it with the help of the community.

Even if it's horrible. Even if it's made for personal benefits (which it is, you'll understand if you see the wall). Even if it's made with bad intentions...

I appreciate it.

Because the Lebanon Would Be Better If wall of bliss street, is not my wall. Nor is it Karim's wall. (I hope he agrees with me on this).

I vandalized private property to make this wall. I made it with good intentions.

And so today, someone has vandalized my work, and on the other hand I appreciate it.

The reason why I appreciate it is multi-layered.

Lebanon Would Be Better If works by making it easier for a community to share their thoughts, intentions, dreams and aspirations.Once they do so, it's not mine anymore.

It's the community's wall.

And so when a small group of people does this. It's an expression. It's a message.

If you read on Lebanon, and if you know about it's recent history, you will realize that people have different goals. And different intentions, good intentions, bad intentions.

This mark is an expression and representation of this. A representation of how complicated it is in Lebanon. But also, it has a deeper meaning, for me.

Margaret Mead says:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

It takes a small group of people to change the world, and it always had. It takes a community to take a change into a culture and into beauty. However, it also takes, another small group of people, to ruin everything.

As we approach a hyperconnected world, with tools and knowledge open for all, reaching a better world has never been so accessible... However, it has never been, so complicated.



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