Friday, January 6, 2012

3 Ideas for Near-Future Applications

It is a cliche, but it's amazing. Technologies have always changed things. And now it's our turn to have our lives changed. I believe that these changes are coming in fast.

From observations here are my 3 ideas to near-future changes:

1. Machines will replace some people:


If a machine can replace a human, then it should.

Some employment positions will be automated isntead. Replaced by touch screens for example. The good thing about it, is that now people can go ahead and do something machines can't do... Something creative, innovative or delicate for example.

2. Personal 3D Printers will make consumer goods, at home:


It costs a $1,000 dollars to get your hands on one. It reminds me of the $40,000 flat screen TVs when they first came out, now at $100. Soon we will have one at home. We will print out our plates and cups. If something brakes, we will print a replacement.

I'm just excited for my children to print out and make their own games. And it's great for the environment too.

3. Digital CV from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google...:


Interviewers will ask for information about you. This time, you will click "Connect to Facebook", then "Allow" access to my information anytime of day. If you are an interviewer, you can go through CVs by scrolling a mouse, looking at pictures, interesting infographics and skimming through posts Very much like a timeline.

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