Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will be promoting brandmee to empower customers

Branding as usual, doesn't work anymore. 

Companies create their brands, their packaging, their logos and products away from customers. And they expect their customers and fans to love their brand and follow them.


At brandmee, we want to break that paradigm. We want to stop this top-down approach to design and branding and really, allow the fans and customers to contribute and brand products to be what they really should be. One of the clearest examples of the current paradigm is what happened with GAP. It made a new logo, expecting that everyone will accept it, but they were wrong. People are so connected right now that disapproval was shared and spread.

GAP changed their logo back to what it was just a couple of months later.

It is only when customers collectively participate in making a brand, that it becomes a powerful, resonating and successful brand. To do so, brandmee takes companies' design challenges and turns them into competitions, where the fans will get the chance to download the requirements, create their own designs, post them on brandmee and win a prize!

To win a prize, people must get votes. And this happens when they share their work with their friends on social media. What this provides to brandmee's client is two things:

1) A really successful brand that is widely accepted and loved. Since everyone participated in making it AND it was voted to be the best.

2) A powerful marketing engine that raises its brand equity. Because to win the prize, fans must inform as many friends to vote for them. 

Crowdsourcing design and branding is the new trend. It is only in this way that customers get what they love.

Branding should be for the people, by the people.

If you agree with our vision please vote for the project at  so that we win the Deutche Bank Creative Award.

You can also download our business pitch that I uploaded below. Until the voting procedure for the Deutche Bank Creative award ends (which is Feb 25), I will be promoting brandmee in my own way, to get many votes! You are all welcome to join and help by sending emails, and sharing the link below with your friends.

Download now or preview on posterous
Brandmee_Pitch.pdf (15753 KB)
PS: Everything is protected under a creative commons  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License.


PPS: Here is a video of me trying to explain what brandmee is.

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