Friday, February 25, 2011

Sherif and Roy Didn't 'Win' the Creative Award

Brandmee is a project me and my friend Roy Riachi came up with when we were working with a client who wanted to make a private label beverage. We thought at the time: Why don't we go to businesses and offer them customized bottled beverages? But the real 'AHA!' moment didn't happen until we connected the dots. An article on the death of creative agencies was a huge inspiration by the way.

At that point, we thought: 'Why don't we let people do the work with us?'. And since we were already working on making websites as freelancers, a web platform was obvious. I also had experience in crowdsourcing (which I recommend you to read up on) through two projects:

1) The Christmas Project: Where I offered growing my beard and dying it if people donate gifts to an orphanage - through facebook and my blog.

Result= 64 gifts for 32 orphans!

2) A prototype crowdsourcing platform powered by Ushahidi that let's people post how electricity is going off in their area.

Result= 50 reports from around Lebanon.

Crowdsourcing works. From Kickstarter,com to Facebook's translations, it was all made through this concept. And I think Brandmee will work because:

  1. People are well connected on social media (Facebook, Twitter),
  2. A lot of hours are spent online. Unfortunately their spent on Farmville,
  3. Advertising is going digital like it's nobody's business.

So it's definitely a trend. And I really think it's booming now. I wouldn't be surprised if companies start making 'Photography Competitions' on facebook as a marketing campaign... Wait, they're already doing it.

What is Brandmee? Well, I made this video here and it explains everything:

Me and Roy are going through with the project and yes, we want to launch it. (THAT'S WHY DIDN'T LOSE).

What I want to share with you today is what I learned from the Brandmee/Public Voting experience:

  • Don't trash the place with 'PLEASE VOTE FOR ME' because it will ruin your reputation (and it did).

Views of videos and blog posts went down dramatically when me and roy used the "PLEASE VOTE FOR ME" technique.

  • Make sure you explain exactly what your project is about from the first time.

Because our first video was very broad and didn't explain much, some people already got a wrong idea of what Brandmee is and others simply didn't get it.

  • Telling your friends to spread the word doesn't work.

It is important to tell friends and familly to spread the word, but it doesn't always work. You have to empower people to spread your message. You have to convince them and inspire them. Make them part of your project. Your vision should be their vision too!

  • Be strategic with your Social Media Campaign, think about timing and supporters.

Making funny videos is great but sharing them on social networks is the KEY. If you post about it at 4 in the morning, it won't get traction. And if you keep on reposting it, you will lose reputation.

Anyway, I still think the videos are funny and I might take them offline soon, so until then, here you go:


How did I do these videos?

On my iPhone and Windows Movie Maker.

Why does Brandmee have two 'e'?

I will never tell you.

What am I doing in life now?

  1. Working on Vida.
  2. Working on the Civil War Museum.
  3. Working on Brandmee.
  4. Taking art classes.
  5. Get told to go back to university every day.
  6. Biking around Beirut.


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