Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HelpLeb : Lebanon will never be the same

We just launched www.helpleb,com . We didn't deploy the tweaked-Ushahidi platform that me and Abdallah Absi have been working on but for now, it's a page where people can sign up and will be informed when we deploy the real thing.

The design is simple and straight forward although the logo might be tentative. The gradient under the logo was donated by William Choukeir :) One of the best design gurus I have ever met. I sat with the man for two hours and understood really what designing something is.

Help Leb is about letting people share issues. But it doesn't stop there at all. We want people to start solving these issues. And they can do that by finding other people who also have the same problem. They connect with these people and start doing something amazing.

Well, that's the goal. We are trying out best to make that easy to happen and we'll let everyone else decide.

In case you missed it :)

1 comment:

  1. just registered in Help Leb.
    looking forward very much to see the 'real thing'