Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Project is a Success

Four months ago, I pledged to grow my beard if people donate gifts to the Home of Hope orphanage. Today, I'm very happy to say that people donated more than 60 gifts for 34 children. It is all thanks to you that Christmas is going to be amazing for the children of Home of Hope.

I would like to thank Abdallah Chamas, Allyson Jerab, Sarah Karam, Emile Maamari, Dina Azar, Nada Azar, Timmy Malkoun, Shirine Maktabi, Daria Maktabi, Irina Maktabi, Christine Saliba, Nour Chamoun, Roy Riachi, Foad Badawi, AUB Biology Student Society and the AUB Student Rights Club

They made this a success by donating gifts that will go directly to the children.

Merry Christmas everyone. I thank you all from the depth of my heart.

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