Thursday, December 23, 2010

Growing My Beard and Getting Gifts for Orphans

Ho Ho Ho!!

I've been growing my beard for the past four months. I'm doing this because on December 25, I'm going to be Santa Clause for 34 Lebanese orphans at the Home of Hope. You can see their name and age below.


This is why I need you to help me do that. I will need a lot of gifts to give and I want to do that by allowing anyone to donate a gift to the children, and I can make it easier for you.


The list below is of the 34 kids staying at the Home of Hope.

  1. You can chose someone and get him a gift,
  2.  wrap it and put their name on it.
  3. You can even write them a card :) 

Name Years Old

Soha 16

Cabi 12

Hiba 11

Haidar 18

Nadim 11

Ghanima 12

Darin 10

Alaa 24

Hadi 16

Akram 8

Miriam 8

Bilal 11

Ahmad 11

Ahmad 12

Bernar 12

Malkoun 14

Rami 11

Ibrahim 13

Khaled 11

Nour 7

Abed elHakim 9

Marco 12

Mohamad 7

Hussein 10

Hiba 10

Manal 5

Issam 3



I really want to give an amazing Christmas. And I hope you can help! You can call me on 03082338 or send me an email ( if you want to donate. 


The Facebook event is at


and you can also watch the video on 



My beard two months

I would like to thank: Dina Azar, Timmy Malkoun, Christine Saliba,Mrs. Rima Khishin, Mrs. Allyson Jerab, Mrs. Sarah Karam, Mrs. Irina Maktabi, Mrs. Shirine Maktabi, Daria Maktabi, Roy Riachi, Tarek Dagher, Nada Azar and Abdallah Chamas.

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