Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Night, I was a Prince

It's amazing. They had three floors and a rooftop and their party was full. So full actually that lusciously dressed up people were poring out faster than they were spilling in, and it was STILL full. So we went to Behind the green Door and I discovered that foreigners have interest in Arab things. Ali wanted to go to Milk and so we did. It was full. Full of Milk let's say. The only female was the Ukrainian lady that told me "I still want ten 'doolars' from you". I was a bad prince, forgot my Ferrari and stack. I also discovered that milk people are very, very interested in Arab things too, but they are smart. A normal person would get rejected, and they'll try again, and again. Milk people try, get rejected and move on. Very smart milk people. Very smart indeed. And thanks for letting me dance on a table.

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