Friday, October 28, 2011

Interactive Public Furniture

When I have a meal, I always prefer to be eating it with someone. Good food with great people is something that makes me happy.

When I went to Brick Lane's food market, I found food from every country. Sizzling hot food in every kiosk. And plenty of young people walking around, choosing food. Picking it up in a plastic or paper or styrofoam. Then eating outside, standing or sitting on the sidewalk, side by side.

There is no comfortable seating. And if you do sit, you will be sitting next to someone and you won't be able to have an easy conversation.

I want to make a piece of public furniture that makes people sit together, in front of each other when they have a meal. and I dont want them to use it unless its with someone else.

If they came alone? Then they will meet someone knew and have a meal with them.

The sketches and fast prototypes you see here are of my development so far, I've been working around the concept of a see-saw. A system that can only be in equilibrium when two people participate.

I now feel frustrated because I'm not sure in which direction to go. I was aiming to use the waste from the market to make the piece but I don't think the form will follow the function.

I need your help, what should I do now?

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