Friday, June 3, 2011

'Lebanon Would Be Better If' Under Attack

There are many things that could have happened to the project. Since the beginning, people opposed it. The shop owners opposed it because they considered it as vandalism. Georgette, the old lady, opposed it because people were standing around her looking at the wall. 

That was in the begining. We spoke to the shop owner, and he said he loves the wall. He sometimes writes his own entries!

Georgette doesn't hate the wall anymore. Because I'm going to make her a custom made chair. So that she can be more comfortable in her favorite spot, next to the wall.

But I thought maybe I would ended up in jail. 

Especially after an article was published in the Daily Star. (You can read the article here).

I didn't get any calls from the shop owner. And I didn't get a visit from the police.

Just a couple of days after the Daily Star article was published, this happend:

Someone crossed out all the entries with a black marker. Scratches were put in a way not to let anyone have space to write again.

It comes as a shock to me because it has very bad intentions. I would have imagined the shop owner painting over the project. Or even putting me in jail.

Instead this happened.


And this was the message written on the wall.


I'm not sure what me and Badra will do about the wall of Bliss street. One of the options is to paint over it ourselves and return it as it once was. 

We have more walls planned. And now it's time to move on.

Stay tuned for more Lebanon Would Be Better If projects near you.

And I'm making a virtual version of the project :) Away from black markers. And vandalism free ;)

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  1. What a shame this project ended up the way it did. I think it's an awesome idea! To get a conversation going, to get people to stop and think for a minute about what would make their country better. We don't do that often enough, if at all. I think you should redo it somewhere else, or at another time, or in a different way. But don't stop it from happening again. Seriously.