Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Should Sherif Take a Diploma Instead?

Not one day passes by that I don't hear this sentence: "Y U NO GET BACHELOR DEGREE?"

But I discovered that there are many other ways you can waste* your time in educational institutions. As you may have heard, there are new things popping up in the education market. The new types of paper-based certificates that I know of are:


  1. Diploma/Certificate
  2. Associate Degree/FdA

Basically they are a level below Bachelors that are worked on by both the universtiy and the industry. These programs are usually shorter (2 years) than a Bachelor and give you 'practical experience'.


The programs that I am considering for next year are:


1) Digital Media at Hyper Island ( check it out at )


2) Game Design at University of the Arts London ( )


What do you think? Should I or should I not?


*I use the word waste because I believe that people sometimes go to university when they don't know what to do or it is not their time to go yet.

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